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Four more free Covid tests will be available to U.S. households

Just in time for the Holidays!! The Federal Government is offering a new batch of free Covid tests, with orders to begin shipping the week of Nov 27

Each U.S. household can now order four more free Covid tests, to be sent out by the federal government starting the week of Nov. 27.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced the new round of test shipments Monday as the holiday season begins — a time when public health experts typically expect cases of Covid, flu, colds and respiratory syncytial virus to surge.

As with the previous five rounds of government-issued Covid tests, orders can be placed online at People who didn’t take advantage of the last offer in September can still order the four rapid antigen tests made available then, for a total of eight tests. The only information required is a name and a home address — no health insurance information needed. 

Read more why testing is useful and more from NBC News at the link HERE.


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