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Health Insurance

Confused? Call us to get a recommendation for the medical insurance policy that fits your health conditions.  We'll help you choose the plan that includes your doctors and hospitals, so that you can stay healthy and obtain healthcare if you become ill.  




We're a Certified Covered California Agent, so we'll help you figure out the income to estimate on your application for the Obamacare subsidy (the "Advance Premium Tax Credit" APTC).

SENIORS & DISABILITY INCOME. If you're turning age 65 and going onto Medicare, or if you qualify for Medicare due to a disability (SSDI), we'll help you obtain a supplement ("MediGap"), Prescription Drug plan ("PDP"), or a Medicare Advantage HMO or PPO. (Most Medicare Advantage plans in Los Angeles county have a $0 premium).

We also provide advice about Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, International Travel Medical Insurance, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment policies.

What you can expect:

  • We'll review all of your options to find financial assistance to pay for your coverage.
  • We'll discuss your health and needs to find a plan that you can actually use to maintain your health and be in your best condition!
  • We'll cut through all the dizzying options and variables to make a solid recommendation so that you can find clarity and confidence about your health plan.
  • If you're looking for PrEP, we can also recommend plans, specific doctors, and pharmaceutical assistance programs that will allow you to obtain medication that will be 100% covered by your insurance policy.

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If you travel to a foreign country, get Foreign Medical insurance.  


Your health plan is intended for coverage within the United States—coverage outside of the US is limited.  The travel insurance that is offered by airlines/Expedia/etc. is usually trip interruption insurance, not medical insurance.  "Travel Medical & International Health Insurance” is different, and includes a network of English-speaking doctors, global health and safety services, and depending on the plan may even air-lift or helicopter you to a hospital if you’re in a remote location. There are some trip interruption benefits included, too.  The cost is minimal; a 2-week trip might cost $30 for a 35-year old, or $60 for a person at age 50.   You can easily be insured short-term for foreign travel by following this link.


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